R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Tandem Axle.

CS – 4.0 Off Road Camper Trailer.

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Single Axle.

Off Road Designs is a family operated Four Wheel Drive Touring and Off Road Trailer Manufacturing Company. Specialising in building Off Road Camper Trailers in Brisbane Australia.

For the last 25 years we have operated Small Group Charter Trips throughout the northern reaches of Australia. From Cairns to Cape York, across the Gulf to Kakadu, Arnhem Land the Kimberly’s and Broome.

So as you can imagine these areas have been an incredibly harsh proving ground for our Off Road Trailer Designs.

It was from these rugged off road expeditions that the concept of the R.A.S.V. Remote Area Support Vehicle originated from.

So weather it be for the hard core off road professional, weekend warrior, or just off road touring enthusiasts. Our products are perfect for any one who wants a heavy duty, reliable Off Road Proven Trailer with easy equipment access and multiple storage solutions.

R.A.S.V. – GX Off Road Trailer.
R.A.S.V. – GX Off Road Trailer.
R.A.S.V. – GX Off Road Trailer.