Off Road Tandem Chassis O.R.D. CS – 4.7

Thinking of building your own Off Road Camper Trailer / Toy Hauler ?

But need a bit of a kick start to get your project off the ground.

Introducing Off Road Designs all new ORD. CS – 4.7 Coil Spring Off Road Tandem Trailer Chassis.

ORD. MH – 4.7 Coil Spring Off Road Tandem Trailer Chassis.

Proudly designed, developed and built right here in Australia. 100% Australian made.

$27,350 inc GST.

A revolutionary new off road trailer chassis designed for those who are serious about outback adventure.

Off Road Ability.

Remote off-road exploration is what this ultimate off road trailer frame was made for.

Being conscious of the restricted maneuvering area on off road tracks. We have carefully thought out the chassis design, dimensions and over all ground clearance. Allow you to venture out into areas that conventional off road caravans and off road camper trailers simply can’t go. Weighing in at just over 600kg, the O.R.D. CS – 4.7 is lighter than many single axle off road trailers on the market today.

The tandem axle, coil spring independent suspension design also gives you the added benefits of four wheel flotation and greater suspension articulation. With twice the braking power and added stability off road. While the sharp angle draw bar configuration also gives you an advantage over many A Frame trailer designs. By allowing you to maneuver the trailer into an over 80* jack knife position behind the tow vehicle. Giving you a much tighter turning circle and reversing capability off road.

By keeping the trailer dimensions within the width of most tow vehicles we have also been able to increase the maneuverability off road through tight areas. Along narrow tree lined outback tracks, or along tight, twisting mountain roads. Keeping the Off Road Trailer dimensions in line with the tow vehicle also improves vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. By reducing the amount of wind and drag that you are likely to encounter during higher speed on road travel.

The O.R.D. MH – 4.7 Comes standard with Land Force Defence Heavy Duty Coil Springs.

ATX Off Road Coil Spring Assembly.
Off Road Designs R.A.S.V. Military Transport Trailer Suspension.


What are our Off Road Chassis usually used for?

  • Off road camping trailers
  • Off road utility trailers
  • Off road ATV trailers
  • Off road toy haulers
  • Off road dirt bike trailers

What should I look for in an Off Road Trailer Chassis?

  • Strength & Durability: Look for a chassis constructed with heavy-duty materials that can handle rough terrain and heavy loads.
  • Suspension system: A good off-road trailer chassis should have a reliable suspension system, such as independent coil springs, that can handle rough terrain and provide a smooth ride.
  • Ground clearance: Consider the height of the chassis and make sure it has adequate ground clearance for off-road use.
  • Towing capacity: Ensure that the chassis is compatible with your vehicle’s towing capacity and is equipped with the proper off road hitch and safety features.
  • Customization options: Off Road Designs does offer custom design and fabrication services, allowing you to tailor chassis to your specific needs. “Please note” that any custom chassis design work usually results in a total CAD re design with changes in length, width, material size, thickness and suspension type, depending on the specific weight and load specifications.

What is the difference between a Stanadard Trailer Chassis & an Off Road Trailer Chassis?

An off-road trailer chassis is fundamentally different from a standard trailer chassis in its construction and design, as well as its intended use. The primary purpose of an off-road trailer chassis is to provide stability and durability when used in rough and challenging terrain, whereas a standard trailer chassis is designed for use on paved roads and less demanding environments.

One of the most noticeable differences between the two is the materials used in construction. An off-road trailer chassis is typically built from heavier and more robust materials, such as 250 t0 350 Grade steel which can withstand the added stress and pressure of off-road use. Additionally, the use of corrosion-resistant coatings and finishes helps to protect the chassis from exposure to the elements.

In addition to heavier construction materials, off-road trailer chassis also feature larger tires with enhanced tread patterns, which provide better traction and stability off road. The axles of an off-road trailer chassis are also reinforced to handle the increased weight and stress of off-road use, and the heavy duty independant coil spring suspension components are designed to provide a smoother ride and better handling when driving on uneven surfaces.

On the other hand, standard trailer chassis are designed for use on paved roads and are made from much lighter construction materials, have smaller tires, and less robust suspension components. The axles of a standard trailer chassis are typically designed to handle the weight of the trailer and its contents, but are not built to withstand the same level of stress and pressure as an off-road trailer chassis.

The key differences between an off-road trailer chassis and a standard trailer chassis lie in their construction, design, and intended use. An off-road trailer chassis is built for durability, stability, and performance in challenging environments, while a standard trailer chassis is designed for use on paved roads and less demanding conditions.


Trailer Dimensions:

Trailer Length: 4.7 mtrs

Deck Area Configurations: 3.0 mtrs to 4.6 mtrs long x 1.85 mtrs to 2.0 mtrs wide.


  • Two sets of Land Force Defence 1850 kg Coil Spring Suspension.
  • 4 – 12 inch electric drum brakes.
  • 8 – Heavy duty large boar off road shock absorbers.
  • 4 – Sets of Japanese parallel bearings.
  • Trailer hand brake cables.
  • Hot dipped galvanised trailer chassis.


  • Full length 4.7 mtr, 125 mm x 75 mm x 4 mm galvanised C Section steel chassis.
  • 1.8 mtr frontal draw bar length. Allowing for an 80*jack knife turn.
  • Rear draw bar heavy duty recovery points.
  • Open chassis cross members for easy wash out and cleaning.
  • Chassis bracing gussets.
  • Front tubular cross bracing strut.
  • 4 point heavy duty shock absorber top mounting points.


  • 360 * Off Road Coupling.
  • Hand brake lever and mounting plate.
  • 2 – Heavy duty chain hooks.
  • 2 – High tensile safety chains.
  • Swing Down trailer support jack.
  • Front draw bar D – Shackle recovery point.
  • 20 mm hand brake lever bash plate.
  • Front draw bar 187 Ltr Tool Box. (optional)


  • 2 Water proof resin filled LED trailer lamps.
  • Heavy duty rear D Shackle recovery points.
  • Heavy Duty winch mounting plate.
  • Center hitch receiver.


  • 4 – 265 / 7 5 / 1 6. All terrain tyres.
  • 4 – 16 x 8 “ 6 stud black steel rims.

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