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New 2023 model.

6.9m Off Road Toy Hauler. Open Flat Deck


The LS 6.9m Flat Deck Off Road Toy Hauler is a versatile open deck trailer platform, that is able to accommodate a wide variety of equipment integration, vehicle and cargo transportation needs.

Price $38,990.

Additional information:

The LS-6.9 Off Road Toy Hauler is the perfect Off Road Tandem Trailer to explore even the most remote areas.

This LS 6.9 is a little bit different to our usual 6.9 trailer and has been specifically built to military specifications. With a full body and chassis powder coat treatment, front and rear lifting and tie down points, rear winch mounting tray and access panel, 8 leaf, 4.5t rocker roller suspension with 2 – 65mm 3t axles. 4 – 12″ electric brakes and 5 – 285/75 R16 Off Road Mud Terrain Tyres. Draw bar mounted tool box tray, Twin 80 ltr water tanks and removable deck.

Ex Army #5 Off Road Trailer.

USED: Single axle, leaf spring box trailer. Price $3,100.

The Australian Army’s No.5 1/2 Ton Trailer is a single axle off-road trailer that was engineered and manufactured under the supervision of the Army Design Establishment (ADE). It was designed to transport general cargo and equipment up to 500 kg both on road and cross country and is still in use today. The trailer is constructed of steel and has a box-type design with a semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension system, 7.50-16 wheels, and Land-Rover wheel studs. It measures 3180mm in overall length, 1550mm in overall width, has a ground clearance of 330mm, and a departure angle of 21 degrees and turn over angle of 43 degrees. The internal cargo space measures 1850mm in length, 1320mm in width, and 475mm in height. The No.5 1/2 Ton Trailer is known for its ruggedness and versatility and is a popular choice for military and off-road enthusiasts.

New 2022 model.

L-M 4.1 Light Tactical Support Trailer.


Single axle, coil spring flat deck trailer. Price $18,950 Ex GST.