Customer Requirements

Here at Off Road Designs our ongoing focus is to establish an in depth working relationship with our customers. One that will allow us to ascertain their requirements and provide customised engineering solutions. Targeted to their unique needs and challenges.

Product Design

Design engineering is the process by which conceptualized ideas for products and services become a reality. Through the use of computer aided design (CAD) services. Our in house design engineers are able to help innovators and business owners conceptualize and create useful, operational, and marketable products.


Within Off Road Designs we strive to implement rapid design cycles. By utilising 3D CAD design software exclusively for all of our projects.
Optimising products for production part count, weight reduction, ease of assembly and practical in field serviceability.


Here at Off Road Designs we manufacture and assemble the majority of our prototype products in-house. Assisting our engineers in rapid construction and development.