Here at Off Road Designs we strive to implement rapid design cycles, by utilising 3D CAD design software exclusively for all of our projects.

Optimising products for production part count, weight reduction, ease of assembly and practical in field serviceability.

Analysis, Measurement and Optimization

Weight reduction and strength-to-weight optimization.

Our in-house team is constantly innovating to find ways to make our products lighter, faster, stronger, and more durable in the field.


Utilize the latest in both conventional and rapid prototyping technologies. We are able to deliver new designs to market faster and with lower design cycles.


We are able to have your products independently tested to meet or exceed appropriate Standards for land, sea and air.

Including random vibration, and in field fatigue testing.

Land Force Defence Heavy Duty Suspension.

Pilot Production Runs

Ensures that products are re producible in large or small product runs. Guaranteeing a smooth transition from the prototype stage to full production scalability.

If you would like to know more about any of our products or services.

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