R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer

Introducing Off Road Designs all new R.A.S.V.

(Remote Area Support Vehicle)

Off Road Camper Trailer

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer

A revolutionary new Off Road Camper Trailer, designed for those who are serious about outback travel and adventure.

100% Australian made. From: $58,900.

Off Road Designs, Remote Area Support Vehicles.

Leading the way in Off Road Touring.

Proudly designed, developed and built right here in Australia. This camper trailer is bursting with features that you just won’t find on most other off road campers.

What’s so different about our Off Road Camper Trailers ?

It all starts from the ground up with our Unique, Military Inspired Off Road Trailer chassis.

The main design feature of our trailer frame is the 114 x 5mm central draw bar that runs the full length of the trailer chassis allowing the sub frame to flex and move as it negotiates rough off road terrain. The hot dipped galvanised chassis is made of laser cut c – section cross members and open ended rectangular hollow
section steel allowing for easy wash down and cleaning, with no closed in areas where mud, sand and salt can get trapped and cause corrosion.

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Chassis

The trailer chassis also comes with the option of a rear mounted winch plate, recovery points and the ability to use the internally galvanised draw bar as an extra water tank or a compressed air tank.

Sitting above the main chassis you will find another secondary chassis sub frame that supports the all aluminium monocoque trailer body.
Unlike other trailers, the body is separated from the chassis with the use of 20 high-density polyurethane body mounts which operate in the same way as the body mounts on your tow vehicle. Helping to isolate the body from high speed off road vibrations caused by corrugations and uneven terrain.

Weighing in at just over 1300kg, the R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer is lighter than most other off road camper trailers on the market today. The tandem axle design also gives you the added benefits of four wheel flotation and greater suspension articulation. With twice the braking power and added stability off road.

Remote off-road exploration is what this off road camper was made for.

Being conscious of the restricted maneuvering area on off road tracks we have carefully thought through the body design, dimensions and over all ground clearance.
Allow you to venture out into areas that conventional off road caravans and off road camper trailers simply wouldn’t be able to fit.

The single draw bar configuration also gives you an advantage over traditional A frame trailer designs by allowing you to maneuver the trailer into an over 90* jack knife position behind the tow vehicle giving you a much tighter turning circle and reversing capability off road.
By keeping the trailer dimensions within the width of most tow vehicles we have also been able to increase the maneuverability off road through tight areas, along narrow tree lined outback tracks, or through tight twisting mountain roads.

Keeping the camper trailer dimensions in line with the tow vehicle also improves vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. By reducing the amount of wind and drag that you are likely to encounter during higher speed on road travel.

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Chassis
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
Over 90* Jack knife turn.
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
Off Road Designs Tandem Camper Trailer

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Door Access


  • TARE: 1373kg.
  • ATM: 3500kg.
  • Ball Weight: 55kg.
  • Total Length: 4.78 M
  • Width: 1.92 M
  • Height: 2.2 M Excluding Roof Top Tent
  • Internal Storage Capacity: 6,500 LTRS

For Off Road Camper Trailer Chassis and Frame Design Details CLICK HERE

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Chassis
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer Chassis

Trailer Body Construction.

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
Rolling Trailer Chassis Before Powder Coat.
R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
Rolling Trailer Chassis Before Powder Coat.

Each of our aluminium trailer bodies come fully powder coated inside and out with a 40mm x 40mm x 4mm galvanised steel sub frame.
The fully monocoque constructed bodies are made from high grade 2.5mm laser cut and CNC formed aluminium plate. We also assemble all of our aluminium components with 6.4 mm structural rivets and incorporate strategically welded joints through out the design.
The monocoque body is made up of 9 large individual aluminium storage compartments. Which are all interconnected by internal ventilation openings to allow for even air pressurisation through out the entire body. The positive air pressurisation is achieved with the use of an external air pressurisation system with dual serviceable air filters. Keeping the entire trailer free from dust on even the toughest outback roads.

R.A.S.V. Off Road Camper Trailer
Internally Vented Compartments

Camper Trailer Off Road
Air Pressurisation Filters.

Camper Trailers Brisbane
Air Pressurisation Filters.

Our Aluminium trailer bodies also come complete with a total of 15 internally mounted storage shelves and rubber lined carpet inserts. These inserts are included in the bases of both rear slide out draws and the large top storage shelf. Each of the front trailer compartment are fitted with twin 65ltr lock in – lock out fridge slides with, two 12v Andersen accessory plugs.

Camper Trailer Australia
Camper Trailer Side Storage Cabinets.

Best Off Road Camper Trailer Australia
Camper Trailer Side Storage Cabinets.

Storage Draws.

The huge rear storage area has a large pull out top draw with eight cargo tie down points. As well as a side and rear storage guard to stop items from rolling forward or dropping down into the battery compartment below. Directly under the top draw is another larger slide out storage area capable of carrying up to 175 kilograms of equipment.

Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Draw System.
Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Draw System.
Off Road Camper Trailer Top Draw
Off Road Camper Trailer Top Draw
Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Draw System.
Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Draw System.
Off Road Camper Trailer Top Draw
Off Road Camper Trailer Rear Draw

The trailer body is fitted with total of 7 external
gas strut assisted doors fitted with internal bracing
for added strength and support to stop any
flexing under load from the gas struts.
Each door has a Keyed alike, lockable black whale tail
compression door latch handles and locks.
4 Heavy duty rear door ladder rungs.
14 Heavy duty door hinges.
Rubber dust seals on all doors.
Internal and external body panels also
come pre drilled with captured nuts installed
to accommodate all of our bolt on upgrades
and accessories.
The roof sections of the main cabinets
and the under side of the large internal shelves
also have structural reinforcing supports
for added strength.
Both external Wheel arches can also be easily
unbolted and replaced if damaged off road.

Gas Strut Assisted Side Doors.
Optional Maxtrax Recovery Boards, Jacking Legs and Jacking Points

Our Trailers come in 4 standard powder coat colours.


Trailer colours can also be customised to any of the Dulux powder coat colour range on request.

Small, But Important Features.

Battery and Water Storage.

Behind the rear storage draws is an Internal battery storage area and tray which can hold up to 3 – 120 aH N86 Batteries, as well as an 80 Ltr internal water tank and 12 volt water pump system.

Internal Water Tanks. 80Ltrs.
12 v Water Pump Inlet and Outlet Valves.
Wiring Loom to Control Panel.

Kitchen and food preparation area.

The left side of the R.A.S.V. converts into a large L-shaped kitchen with a 1.4 mtr x 600mm folding kitchen work table that slides out from under the internal shelves. Perfect for outdoor cooking and food preparation. The optional 50 Ltr fridge-freezer sits to the left hand side of the kitchen on a 175 kg lock in – lock out draw slide. Perfect for easy food and cold storage access.

Food Preparation Area.

Above the kitchen work area you have 4 easily accessible storage shelves for kitchen utensils as well as a huge 1.3 mtr high x 700mm wide storage cabinet to the right with another 4 shelves. Perfect for packing away all of your dry goods and extra cooking equipment.

Add to this the full sized 1.8m work table that’s stored in the trailers top shelf along, with the Darche 270* awning and you will have one of the most functional and versatile kitchens around any camp site.

The IKAMPER SKYCAMP 2.0. – 4 Person Roof Top Tent.

Your New Home Away From Home.


Large King Size Mattress.

Enjoy the easiest and most comfortable camping experience imaginable with the Skycamp 4X rooftop tent.

The Skycamp’s floor folds out into a comfy “KING – SIZED” mattress.

A family of two adults and two children or up to 3 adults can sleep comfortably within the Sky Camp 4 . You won’t find another hard shell rooftop tent this spacious.


The Skycamp 4X’s fast, easy set up is only possible because of the careful design and the quality of every part. Skycamp’s was designed to create a comfy tent that literally anyone can set up.

Skycamp’s signature Skyview roof top window gives you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night.

The rain fly can also be rolled up when not in use, allowing for extra ventilation.

Skyview Roof Top Window.


The hard shell of the Skycamp is made of FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) and has TWO layers for extra insulation and strength, setting it apart from other traditional roof top tent shells.

The hard shell that protects your Skycamp on the road is made of fiber-reinforced plastic and has a double layer with built-in air insulation, making it soundproof and condensation resistant. Most rooftop tents only have a single-layer shell.

Skycamp’s floor is made of high-performance honeycomb aluminum panels that are lightweight and strong. The flat, insulated aluminum panels will give you a much more comfortable night’s rest than sleeping in a tent on the cold rocky ground.

Sky camp Hard shell.
Slim Line Profile.


Details DO matter.

  • 1 Minute Setup: Get out of your car and be ready to camp in 60 seconds.
  • Expandable: The Skycamp’s king-size mattress sleeps 4 people.
  • Detachable: Switch to the Airflow Summer Tent (sold separately) in hot weather, and back to the canvas material for cooler times.
  • Breathable: Insulating Poly-Cotton Canvas tent fabric.
  • Hard Shell Locks: Closing straps have locks to give you peace of mind.
  • Quality: The Skycamp 4X is made with love at the iKamper factory in South Korea with quality components and custom molds.

IKAMP Specifications

  • Open: 218 x 210 x 110cm
  • Closed 218 x 138 x 32cm
  • Mattress: 190 x 210 x 5cm
  • Ladder Length: Standard: 230cm
  • Long Ladder: 260cm
  • XL Ladder Add-On: 290cm
  • Gross Weight: 70kg
  • Tent Weight Limit: 408kg
  • Ladder Weight Limit: 150kg

Battery Management System

BM20 Battery and Solar Management system.

  • Narva Fuse Box for Outlet Protection.
  • Redarc BCDC 1225D Charger.
  • Redarc BCDC 1225D Charger.
  • NASA BM-1 Voltage Display Unit.
  • Redarc 12v Solar Charging.
  • Dual Anderson Outlets.
  • Choice of Cigarette Lighter, Merit Engel or USB outlets.
  • 4-Way LED Switch Panel with Fuse Protection ( for Lighting / Accessories – water pumps. )
  • 3 x Waterproof High Amp Buss Circuit Breaker.

Trailer Electrical Fit Out

  • 7 pin plug for lighting and electric brake wiring.
  • Andersen plug to trailer batteries.
  • 1 – 120 Ah AGM deep cycle trailer battery.
  • 160 watt roof top mounted solar panel.
  • Andersen plugs for roof top solar panels and power to the roof top tent.
  • 9 Dual brightness press button led lights with glowing Indicator switches, mounted internally to each door.
  • Large internal work light mounted inside the rear compartment.
  • Two rear mounted external led work lights.
  • One front mounted external led work light.
  • Twin rear aerial and work light mounting brackets.
  • Two car fridge recirculating cooling fans.
  • (*Battery management systems and switch panel upgrade options are available in the electrical options section.)
160 watt Solar Panel.
Dual Brightness LED Lights.

Darche Portable Shower tent.
Two portable Primus gas stoves.

Two Darche Camp Chairs.
8.5 Kg Gas Bottle.
Smatttek Hot Water Service
Full length camp table. 183 cm x 76 cm.

Two Washing up bowls.
Fire Extinguisher.
Trailer Finance

Off Road Designs Finance Calculator

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